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It will be charged according to the weight of the product


front-zip | Thickeness:2mm

161.96 USD
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It will be charged according to the weight of the product



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  • Fabric information

    SHELL NEOPRENE 100% / NYLON - 92% / SPANDEX - 8%

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Purchase Information [Payment/Shipping/Exchange and Return]

Produt Payment Information
For high payment, the credit card company may call you to confirm for your safety.
If it is determined that the order is not a normal order, such as the use of a stolen card or an order in the name of another person during the verification process, You can optionally hold or cancel your order.
Deposit without a bankbook The purchase price of the product is made by PC banking, Internet banking, telebanking, or direct deposit from a nearby bank You can do it.
The name of the depositor entered at the time of order and the name of the actual depositor must match, and deposit within seven days You have to do it, and orders that have not been deposited will be automatically canceled.
  • Courier
  • Shipping Cost
    Free Shipping (Without Tariffs and Taxes
  • Delivery Period
    2 to 3 weeks
  • Shipping Info
    Due to local shipping issues, the delivery period may increase
Refund/Exchange Policy

If exchange and return are possible
- Within 30 days of receipt of the goods
- Where the contents of the goods and services supplied are different from the contents of the display or advertisement, Within 30 days from the date of purchase, within 20 days from the date of discovery of such fact
- In principle, if a product is deemed defective, the same product shall be exchanged within 30 days from the date of purchase, and if the same product cannot be exchanged, compensation for exchange with similar products (same selling price)

If exchange and return are not possible
- Where the product value is lost due to damage to the product, etc. due to the customer's responsible reasons
- You have used the product or removed the tag attached to the product
- Unable to exchange or return after 30 days of purchase from the product
- Discount products and some promotion events in the category sales, exchange or refund.

※ In case of exchange or return due to a simple change of mind,
You have to pay for the delivery fee.

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