How did you become a kiteboarder?
I've always liked sports with boards: such as wakeboarding, cable, snowboarding and skateboarding. Then I saw in my place a lot of colorful kites in the air by which you can ride on the water. It's perfect! at that moment I fell in love with kitesurfing)

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
I want to train hard and be a champion!

What are you doing usually when you don`t your sport?
I ride on a skateboard or longboard(long distances) for fun.

I AM Lisa

Name : Lisa

Nationality : Russian

Years activity : 2011

Favorite tricks : Blind judge

Favorite place : the lake Donuzlav in Crimea(Russia)

Other sponsors : CrazyFly kiteboarding, LiP sunglasses

Hobbies : skateboarding