How did you become a kiteboarder?
It all started with my mom, she pushed me a lot to go in the water all the time, to windsurf and surf.
Then after few years windsurfing, I felt like I needed something else … My dad just started kitesurf at this time so he pushed me as well toward this direction.
So thanks mom and dad :)

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
My goal is to keep progressing, to push my limits in the strong wind that we have in my place (West part of France) and getting more people to join the kiteboard family.

What are you doing usually when you don`t do your sport?
My job takes me a lot of time, and a lot of energy. Otherwise I love just chilling with my friends in a coffee place or just hanging around talking about everything.
Could not be more precise :)

I AM Benjamin(Benji)

Name : Benjamin(Benji)

Nationality : French

Years activity : Since 2009

Favorite tricks : Late mobe, Kiteloop Front tail grab

Favorite place : Quiberon, France

Other sponsors : Best kiteboarding France, Kitaddict

Hobbies : Windsurfing, Bartending