How did you become a professional photographer?
When I took a picture, I got my alter ego by myself.

What is your biggest goal in your field these days?
Taking a photo which moves people`s heart.

What is your favorite spot for photo shooting or filming?
Bolabog beach, Boracay Island, Philippines
I feel Boracay Island is very sweet like my home spot. I think when I was there, I was happy and feel easy.

What is the most difficult thing in photo shooting for extreme watersports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding?
I think all action sports photo shooting is very hard.
Because extreme sports make a lot of unknown situations, But I have to catch the moment.

I AM Lee-hyun

Name : Lee-hyun

Nationality : Korean

Years activity : Since 2010

Favorite tricks : Photography

Favorite place : Action shot / personal photo / advertising picture / underwater picture

Hobbies : motorbike , car racing , kiteboarding, scuba diving