How did you become a surfer?
I've always loved the ocean since I was born and grew up in a city near the ocean. My first experience of surfing was in Australia in 2004. The first time I ever stood up on a wave was unforgettable. At that moment, I knew I was hooked for the life.

What is your biggest goal in your sport these days?
I want to surf better and improve every aspect of my surfing. I still have a lot to learn and am working to be my best.

What are you doing usually when you don’t do your sport?
I carverboard to practice surfing and do crossfit to get fit and healthy.

I AM Min

Name : Min

Nationality : Korean

Years activity : Since 2011

Favorite tricks : Noseriding

Favorite place : Busan, Jeju, Yangyang

Hobbies : Carverboarding, Crossfit