How did you become a windsurfer?
I sailed from the age of 4 and then when I moved to the coast I saw windsurfers for the first time and instantly knew I wanted to windsurf. Started a year or two later with my dad and haven’t looked back since.

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
To travel to some of the best spots in the world to experience the best conditions possibly and also to introduce more people into the world of windsurfing.

What are you doing usually when you aren’t doing your sport?
Working for the PWA World Tour and when I have some free time I’m usually doing some other sport — Tennis, squash, fly fishing, surfing.

I AM Chris

Name : Chris

Nationality : English

Years activity : 2006

Favorite tricks : Air flaka, ponch

Favorite place : Hillhead and West Wittering. South Coast of England

Hobbies : Surfing, Tennis, Travelling