How did you become a wakeboarder?
My family lived in Thailand years ago and we lived pretty close to club taco cable park. I was fearless and was always looking for fun so wakeboarding seemed perfect. Also had good friends to ride with so thats super important.

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
Trying not to zeach in public. Also just being authentic I think is a major goal that most wakeboarders gotta strive for.

What are you doing usually when you do not your sport?
Chill with the family, hang with the #homies and try to be a good member of society.

I AM Carlo(C-Lo)

Name : Carlo(C-Lo)

Nationality : Filipino

Years activity : Since 1994

Favorite tricks : Grabs with big air and steezing for no reason on rails

Favorite place : Wherever there is good vibes

Other sponsors : Double up wakeboards, Welegendary, Team manila/daily grind clothing, Fluidsurf, Wip caps, #homies trading inc, Pradera wake-park

Hobbies : Family and Music