How did you become a kiteboarder?
I saw a the video of Aaron Hadlow calibrate in New Caledonia . I found it so amazing that I bought myself a kite on eBay for 60 euros and learned on my own In the horse fields behind my house in Toulouse.

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
Well I have just reached my previous goal which was to become a professional kitesurfer and now it's time to set a new line .

What are you doing usually when you don`t your sport?
Well I do quite a lot of things . I am traveling most of the year so I am always looking to what to do where I am and make the best out of each location. I try to balance my training by doing phisical Préparation to prevent injuries and Of course when there is no wind I go party ! I do a lot of different extreme sports so there is always something to do .
In Tarifa ,where I live , I can wakeboard ,skydive, cliff dive and play PlayStation so I never have a dull moment !

I AM Phil

Name : Phil

Nationality : French -American

Years activity : 2009

Favorite tricks : Front blind mobe ,stalefish KGB

Favorite place : Lagoa do cauipe

Other sponsors : Liquid Force kiteboarding, Indianakite Brazil, Ozu Tarifa

Hobbies : Windsurfing, Cable wakeboarding, skydiving ,Snowboarding