How did you become a kiteboarder?
I was a very active kid therefore my parents introduced me to various disciplines of sport. One of them was windsurfing. So it was already close and the Kitesurfing was just a next step.

What is the biggest goal in your sport these days?
I just want to push my self to the limit. Every time when I'm riding I'm trying to make a progress, close a new trick. No kitesurfing just for fun!;)

What are you doing usually when you don`t your sport?
I used to be an alpine ski racer so last years I spend most of the time on the snow. Now I have found some time for travelin so between the seasons I'm trying to visit new places.

I AM Mateusz(Mati)

Name : Mateusz(Mati)

Nationality : Polish

Years activity : 2008

Favorite tricks : Blind judge3, S-bend to blind

Favorite place : Hel (Poland), Punta Trettu (Italy), Boracay

Hobbies : Alpine Skiing!!!